Podium Seminars

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Podium Seminars offers custom-developed workshops, seminars and master-classes on finance-related topics.

Customized programs

We can design programs specifically for your organization. We use a variety of techniques (lectures, case studies, exercises and discussion groups) so that course participants are able to achieve specified outcomes.

Out-sourced programs

Podium Seminars is able to assist universities and other education providers on an out-sourced basis. This allows educational institutions to fill a short-term gap or pilot a new idea in a cost-effective way.

Online learning

Podium Seminars operates the TutnIQ.com online learning platform. We believe that on-line peer-to-peer learning is the future of education.


Podium Seminars can develop bespoke ('customised') training material on financial and managerial topics, specifically designed to meet your training requirements.

Pre-paid packages

Podium Seminars offer the following pre-paid packages of courseware development and training-related consultancy hours:

  • 40 Hours: US$4 000 Excl. VAT / Other taxes
  • 120 Hours: US$10 000 Excl. VAT / Other taxes

These contracts provide a pre-paid block of hours that can be redeemed for courseware development and training-related consultancy services during the year, but for a discounted hourly rate.

Pre-paid hours must be used within 12 months of purchase and are subject to agreed upon contract terms.


Sleepless nights? Maybe we can help.

The consulting division of Podium Seminars has experience:

  • Solving technical IFRS and public sector accounting problems.
  • Dealing with auditors.
  • Developing organizational processes, procedures and systems.
  • Developing learning programs to support organizational requirements.
  • Establishing accounting / finance departments.
  • Building on-line systems.

Podium Seminars is based in South Africa. Depending on the assignment, however, we may be able to work remotely.

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